Brad Fidler
Hudson Valley, USA

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Hello, World

I study the evolution of distributed systems (their architecture, mostly) and their technical management. I’m currently focused on binding/mapping systems and virtualization in computer (and to a limited extent neural) networks.

I am Assistant Professor and David & G.G. Farber Faculty Fellow in Science and Technology Studies with the Stevens Institute of Technology College of Arts and Letters. At my last job I was a researcher with the UCLA Computer Science Department.

Current Contracts and Projects

Google: DNSSEC and the IANA Functions. This study is an assessment of how the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions will incorporate the present and expanded technical and coordination requirements imposed by the Domain Name System Security Extensions.

National Science Foundation: Sociotechnical Metrics Frameworks for Network and Security Operation Centers. I am working with fellow PI Alex Bardas to specify a new class of metrics frameworks for enterprise network Security Operations Centers.

Local History: I volunteer at a local historical society, although this has largely been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Bank Reform: I am repairing a section of creek floodplane that was destabilized by a century and a half of dam infrastructure.

Articles (ORCID, Scholar)

I send out preprints on my Substack

Books & Monographs

The Creation and Technical Administration of Internet Identifiers (in press; 2021) is the first systematic study of the forms of authority behind the IANA functions), from their inception until the IANA Stewardship Transition. Co-authored with Russ Mundy, introduction by Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker; Google and ICANN funding.

I am also writing a trilogy:

Bindings: A Shadow History of Internet Connectivity (MIT Press) is a social and historical analysis of the binding (or virtualization) architectures that structure key Internet protocols, as well as incremental changes and clean-slate redesigns. I am finalizing the draft manuscript.

Anxiety is a novel that explores the interaction of computer and neural networks with our relationships and self. It’s about one-third written.

Torrent is a social history of a ~25 acre hamlet in New York’s Hudson Valley, c 1724-1934. I’m doing physical research until my first two books are complete.

Past Lives

Lockheed Martin: Distributed Simulation for Mission Engineering in Multi-Domain Operations. With Paul Grogan.

Economies of Everyday Suffering: Some Implications of Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa Market Strategy in US Primary Care. UCLA History Department PhD dissertation, 2011.

California’s Mental Health Services Act: Impact on Practice and Organizational Culture in Public Clinics. Research Assistant, 2007-08, NIMH contract via UCLA Brain Research Institute.

Canada-China Scholars Exchange Program. Visiting scholar in Mandarin Chinese, Beijing University, 2004-05.

Dashiye Publications: A 2003-04 translation series with the Shanghai Translation Publishing House 上海译文出版社 I co-founded; translated authors included Noam Chomsky, George Ritzer, and Ellen Meiksins Wood.

Rethinking the Great Divergence: Rural Credit Networks in Late Imperial China and Early Modern England. Political Science MA Major Research Paper, York University, 2003.

Hegemony in America: Intellectuals and Equilibrium in the Thought of Alexis de Tocqueville and Antonio Gramsci. Political Science honors thesis, University of Victoria, 2002.

I’ve also contributed to DARPA-sponsored research and work supported by funders including Mark Cuban and Eric Schmidt.